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Hip, Thigh & Calf Injuries

The hip is a complex ball-and-socket joint with many tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. Additionally, the thigh and calf are comprised of large, powerful muscles utilized in almost all movements of the human body. Any number of these structures can become inflamed and injured either from overuse, a fall, or direct force.

Thigh pain

Common Hip, Thigh & Calf Injuries and Conditions

BioSkin's Thigh Compression Sleeves, Calf Sleeves, and Compression Shorts are designed to alleviate pain with medical-grade compression that increases blood flow, speeding recovery. Find your injury below to learn more.

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  • 7 Reasons Why Calf Sleeves are for All Athletes
    7 Reasons Why Calf Sleeves are for All Athletes

    Compression is a powerful yet underrated tool for all athletes, especially endurance runners.

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  • Shin Splints
    Shin Splint

    Shin splints are a common overuse injury usually with runners, hikers, or dancers. Use BioSkin calf sleeves for compression, pain relief, and enhanced performance.

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  • Ischiocapsular Sprain
    Ischiocapsular Sprain

    A healthy hip is difficult to injure but overuse or force can potentially injure the muscles and ligaments of the joint. Compression shorts can speed recovery and alleviate pain.

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  • Thigh Strain
    Thigh Strain

    A thigh strain is an overstretching of a muscle or tendon commonly caused by overuse or an improper warm-up. Use a thigh sleeve to relieve pain and speed recovery.

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    Ultima Calf Compression Sleeve
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