Do calf compression sleeves help with shin splints?

Yes! You can use a compression sleeve to ease the pain associated with shin splints. Read on for more details.

What are shin splints?

The term ‘shin splints’ describes pain along the front of the lower leg. It is a common overuse injury usually felt while running or jumping. Inflammation, strained muscles, or compartment syndrome can all lead to the discomfort associated with shin splints.

Do compression sleeves help ease shin splint pain?

Calf compression sleeves are a great way to stimulate blood flow and support the sore area of your shins. Increased circulation to your lower calf will facilitate recovery and reduce shin splint pain. Compression sleeves also increase proprioception, so your muscles work more efficiently and get less sore over time. Learn more.


How can I prevent shin splints?

The best way to prevent shin splints from reoccurring is to strengthen the area and warm up properly before exercise. Wearing calf compression sleeves during activity will help keep your lower legs warm and calf muscles activated. 

Please note that BioSkin encourages people to speak with their physical therapist or doctor to determine what’s best for them.