Five Reasons Why Runners Should Wear Calf Sleeves Instead of Compression Socks

Compression socks and compression calf sleeves both provide the benefits of compression we runners know and love. However, the design of our Trailblazer calf sleeves makes them the superior option for runners and athletes looking to amp up their performance with lower leg compression.

Calf Sleeves Let You Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Calf


Calves and feet come in all shapes and sizes. To accurately get the compression level you want, you need to choose a product based on your calf size. If you buy a compression sock, the size of your foot will dictate what size you buy, but that’s not where you want the compression. With Trailblazer calf sleeves, you can choose the correct size for your calf and get a more precise compression level.

You Can Still Wear Your Favorite Sock Brand with a Calf Sleeve

Runners are picky about the socks they wear for a run - especially a long run or race, to avoid blisters and hot spots. Trailblazer Calf sleeves allow you to have lower leg compression without affecting your sock choice for the run. So you can have your cake and eat it too!

Putting on Calf Sleeves Doesn’t Steal Time from Your Run

The knee-high compression sock is notoriously hard to pull on. A Trailblazer calf sleeve is much easier to slide on because your foot is free to pull through the sleeve without positioning your heel in the center of the sock. When removing the sleeve, it’s best to pull it down from the top and turn the sleeve inside out. Check out this application video for more information.

You Don’t Have to Do Laundry After Every Use

Since the Trailblazer calf sleeve does not go around your foot and in a shoe, it is easier to keep clean and fresh after more than one use (unless it’s a really muddy trail!). The high-performance Italian fabric is moisture-wicking and odor-repellent, which means you can wear it multiple times before machine washing. The Trailblazer fabric is lightweight and dries quickly, so you can rinse it in a sink and let it air-dry post-run as well. You can also toss them in the washer and dryer whenever you do laundry.

Choose Eye-Catching Prints and Colors


We all want to run fast, and looking great while we do it is a bonus! Compression socks are typically created from a circular knit fabric which limits the number of designs available. The warp-knit construction of the Trailblazer fabric absorbs ink in bright and colorful ways, which means you can choose a color or design that adds another dimension of fun to your run. Check out all the options here!