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Hammer Toe / Floating Toe
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Hammertoe is a deformity of the second, third, or fourth toe that causes it to point downward. The deformity is the result of arthritis, poorly-fitted footwear, unusually high arches, or tight tendons and ligaments in the foot. Initially this deformity can be addressed with straps and stretching. If left untreated, it can become fixed and require surgery, a procedure known as a Weil Osteotomy. BioSkin carries products that help to correct this problem before surgery, as well as straps to be used as rehabilitation post-operation.

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  1. Hammer Toe / Floating Toe

    Hammertoe and Floating Toe are deformities of the middle toes. Use a BioSkin strap to reposition the toe and promote proper alignment. The strap can also be used following toe surgery.
    Common Symptoms
    • Curled or Lifted Toes
    • Shoes Cause Pain
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  2. Bioskin
    Hammer Toe Straightening Strap

    This comfortable toe strap promotes proper alignment for feet struggling with hammertoe, dorsal drift, and floating toe. Includes two straps.

  3. Bioskin
    Weil Osteotomy Toe Strap

    This toe strap promotes proper healing from hammertoe, dorsal drift, and floating toe post surgery. Midfoot compression wrap included with purchase.

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