7 Reasons Why Calf Sleeves are for All Runners

Compression is a powerful yet underrated tool for all athletes, especially endurance runners. Elite athletes have been utilizing the benefits of compression for years since studies have proven benefits in performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Calf sleeves deliver the benefits of compression to important lower leg muscles, but compression wear isn’t just for professional runners! Read on to see how calf sleeve compression can benefit any athlete:

1. Wear calf sleeves for a better warm-up


A warm-up gradually increases your internal body temperature, which speeds up your cardiovascular system to provide more blood flow to your working muscles. Calf sleeves enhance this process by warming up your lower leg and increasing blood flow to the calf muscles.

2. Increase blood flow to your muscles

Yes, calf sleeves can increase blood flow to your muscles! In addition to speeding up your cardiovascular system during warm-up, the calf sleeve compression decreases the diameter of major veins to increase the velocity of blood flow back to the heart. Compression also helps the cardiovascular system provide more oxygen-rich blood to muscles and move deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs to restart the cycle.

3. Fire up your proprioceptors!


Have you ever wondered how you can close your eyes but still be able to touch your nose or walk upstairs? This is due to proprioception, your body’s sixth sense! Proprioception utilizes sensory receptors in your muscles, tendons, and joints to evaluate velocity, movement, force, and the limits of your limbs. Studies have shown that compression enhances proprioception by activating more proprioceptors in your muscles and tendons, giving your body the information it needs to avoid injury and improve your performance.

4. Relieve or avoid shin splints

The most common cause of pain for runners, especially those new to the sport, is shin splints. An increase in intensity can cause stress on the tibia that leads to pain down the shins. Calf sleeves provide compression to the area to aid in recovery and relieve pain in the area.

5. Calf sleeves speed recovery


Recovery between runs is as important as the running itself to avoid injury and improve your fitness. After a hard workout, calf sleeves provide the compression needed to increase circulation and prevent muscle soreness. The extra blood flow to tired muscles reduces microtears and removes waste, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for your next workout.

6. Protection from sun and trail

Recreating outside is a great way to see new places, appreciate your surroundings, and create a more enjoyable exercise experience, but it does come with some hazards to avoid such as sunburns and poison oak or poison ivy! Trailblazer Calf Sleeves are made from a lightweight, breathable Italian fabric with built-in UV protection and abrasion resistance. You can use the calf sleeves to protect your legs from sunburns, thorny scratches, and poison oak!

7. Look great, feel great

Trailblazer Calf Sleeves come in dozens of colors and print options so you can choose the pair that fits your personality. Every pair is reversible so you can choose the style that suits your mood. We all know that when you look good you feel good, so try some Trailblazer Calf Sleeves out today to see for yourself!