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Muscle Strain
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A lumbar muscle strain occurs when a lower back muscle is overstretched or torn. This can happen after heavy lifting, a sudden twist, or a fall. The surrounding area of the sprained muscle will become inflamed which can lead to back spasms, the cause of severe low back pain and difficulty walking. BioSkin Back Braces are designed to address this inflammation and stabilize the lumbar muscles, allowing them the necessary time to recover.

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  1. Muscle Strain

    Overworking the muscles in your back can quickly lead to back spasms, low back pain, and difficulty walking. Use a BioSkin back brace to reduce inflammation, stabilize the spine, and relieve pain.
    Common Symptoms
    • Low Back Pain
    • Difficulty Walking
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  2. Bioskin
    Vector Lumbar Support
    As low as $149.95

    Provides targeted, vectored compression to relieve the pain in your lower back.

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