Patella Tracking Disorder Causes and Solutions

What is a patella tracking disorder?

Patella Tracking Disorders refer to any type of movement in the wrong direction from the patella (kneecap) while the knee bends. The most common problem is lateral tracking, which is when the patella moves too far toward the outside of the joint. Other tracking disorders include medial tracking, subluxation, tilt, and glide. The right knee brace will prevent the patella from moving in the wrong direction.

What are the symptoms of a patella tracking disorder?

Patella tracking disorders usually result in pain felt on the front of the knee, especially while exercising, squatting, or going up or down stairs. There may also be a clicking, popping, or catching feeling as the knee bends. If the patella is completely dislocated, then there may be additional swelling and pain around the knee and the kneecap will be visibly out of place. 

What is the best knee brace for patella tracking disorders?

The best knee braces to treat patella tracking problems will utilize adjustable tension straps and compression to push the patella into its correct groove in the joint. BioSkin has a range of patella tracking bracing options to provide different levels of joint stability.

Patella Tracking Disorders