Ischiocapsular Sprain Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Where is the ischiocapsular ligament?

The hip is a ball-and-socket type of joint, with the head of the femur as the "ball" and the cup-like space of the pelvis as the "socket." The ischiocapsular ligament keeps the head of the femur in the socket of the pelvis. A healthy hip joint is very strong and difficult to injure but overuse or a direct force from a fall can potentially injure the muscles and ligaments of the joint.

What are the symptoms of a ischiocapsular sprain?

When the ischiocapsular ligament is sprained, pain and stiffness will be felt throughout the hip joint. You may experience most of the pain and swelling in the back of the hip. Depending on the severity of the sprain, it may be difficult to walk or stand.

What is the best way to recover from a ischiocapsular sprain?

Many doctors will prescribe the R.I.C.E. protocol when recovering from a ligament sprain: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  Use compression sleeves and shorts to provide medical-grade compression to the area in order to reduce pain, promote blood flow, and speed recovery. We highly recommend using Ultima Compression Shorts as you recover from a sprained ischiocapsular ligament.

Ischiocapsular Sprain