Elbow Joint Swelling Causes and Treatment

What is an elbow contusion?

An elbow contusion is more commonly referred to as a bruised elbow. It occurs after a fall or force applied directly to the elbow. The tissue surrounding the joint becomes inflamed and discolored, like a bruise, and leads to elbow pain.

What causes an elbow contusion?

A fall or direct hit during a sporting activity are the most common causes of an elbow contusion or bruised elbow.

What are the symptoms of an elbow contusion?

An elbow contusion is commonly associated with joint swelling and pain in the elbow. It may also be difficult to bend the elbow due to loss of range of motion in the joint.

What is the best way to treat an elbow contusion?

A bruised elbow or joint swelling can both be treated with an elbow compression sleeve. A compression sleeve improves blood flow to the area, relieving pain and enhancing recovery.

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