Knee Bursitis Causes and Pain Relief Options

What is knee bursitis?

There are 11 bursae surrounding each knee. Each bursa is a thin, fluid-filled sac that works to reduce friction and cushion the connection between tendons, muscles, and bones in the body. When a bursa becomes inflamed or irritated, its usually thin lining becomes thick causing pain and swelling in the knee. This is known as bursitis.

What causes knee bursitis?

Any of the bursa in the knee can become inflamed, but the most common areas for bursitis are around the kneecap or just below the joint on the inside. Bursitis can be caused by direct force, excessive pressure (such as kneeling), overuse, or as a symptom of osteoarthritis.  

What are the symptoms of knee bursitis?

Although bursitis can be caused by a sharp blow, it generally occurs when the bursa become irritated over time - often in jobs that require a lot of kneeling. Mild symptoms of tenderness and swelling will gradually increase overtime until the knee hurts even while at rest. 

What is the best knee brace for bursitis?

The best knee braces for bursitis utilize the benefits of compression to relieve pain and enhance recovery.  A knee brace with support can help stabilize the knee while the bursa heals. BioSkin knee braces deliver medical-grade compression and are designed to support the joint during the rehabilitation process.

Knee Bursitis