Knee Joint Swelling Causes and Solutions

What is joint swelling or ‘water on the knee’?

Joint swelling, also known as "water on the knee" or knee effusion, is an inflammation of any of the structures in the knee joint. It can be caused by direct force, excessive pressure (such as kneeling), overuse, or as a symptom of osteoarthritis.

What are the symptoms joint swelling?

Joint swelling can cause pain, instability, and stiffness or loss of range of motion in the knee. 

What is the best knee brace for joint swelling?

The best knee braces for joint swelling utilize the benefits of compression to relieve pain and decrease inflammation.  A knee brace with support can help stabilize the knee while the swelling is reduced. BioSkin knee braces deliver medical-grade compression and are designed to support the joint during the rehabilitation process.

Knee Joint Swelling