Knee Sprain Pain Relief and Stability Options

What is a knee sprain?

A sprain is the medical term for any type of ligament injury. A knee sprain refers to an injury of any of the ligaments found in the knee. The most common type of knee sprain is an ACL sprain or tear. The best knee brace for a knee sprain is one that can address the initial swelling caused by the injury, as well as provide much-needed support during rehabilitation.

What are the severity levels of a ligament sprain?

Grade I is a mild overstretching of the ligament. This results in microtears that do not affect the overall function of the knee joint but will cause some mild pain and possible swelling.

Grade II is a moderate sprain of the ligament that involves partial tearing. When a ligament is partially torn, it will cause some instability in the knee joint making it more difficult to walk. This type of injury most likely will cause pain and swelling in the joint.

Grade III is a complete tear of the ligament which will cause knee instability, swelling, and severe pain.


What is the best knee brace for a knee sprain?

The severity of the sprain will determine the best type of knee brace.  For more severe injuries, range-of-motion knee braces utilize special hinges to control range of motion of the knee joint while the ligaments are healing. All of BioSkin’s knee braces provide medical-grade compression to enhance recovery and decrease pain and swelling.

Knee Sprain