Low Back Muscle Strain Symptoms and Treatment

Will a back brace help with a lower back strain?

A muscle strain is an overstretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon in your body. Pulling, twisting, or overstretching your back can result in a lumbar (lower back) muscle strain. This type of injury usually occurs during heavy lifting, a sudden twist, or a fall. BioSkin back braces are extremely effective at reducing pain by controlling swelling and stabilizing the back while it heals. 

What are the symptoms of a lumbar muscle strain?

After a back strain, the surrounding area of the muscle or tendon becomes inflamed, often leading to back spasms which cause severe lower back pain and difficulty walking. Other symptoms may include tenderness, swelling, and possible bruising. 

What is the best back brace for a lumbar muscle strain?

The best back brace for a lumbar muscle strain will help reduce inflammation and provide stability for the injured muscles and tendons during the rehabilitation process. A more severe strain will require a higher level of stabilization provided by the brace. BioSkin offers three levels of support from a compression wrap to a dual-pulley system brace.

Low Back Strain