SI Joint Pain Causes and Solutions

Where is the SI joint?

There are two Sacroiliac (SI) Joints in the body and they connect the spine to the pelvis. They are located on either side of the spine, beneath the lumbar region and above the sacral. They provide support and stability while acting as shock absorbers during activity or lifting. You can identify your SI joints by the dimples in your back just below your waist.

The SI joint is a very strong, limited-motion joint, reinforced by strong ligaments because its duty is to transfer all the forces of the upper body onto the hips and legs.  An SI joint injury can be extremely painful and requires time to heal. BioSkin back braces provide support and stability, reducing pain and allowing the joint to heal.

What causes an SI joint injury?

The SI joint becomes painful when the ligaments that support this joint are too loose or too tight. There are numerous causes, including traumatic injury, pregnancy, an uneven pelvis, or surgery such as a lumbar fusion.

What are the symptoms of SI joint pain?

An SI joint injury can lead to pain in the lower back, frequently felt radiating down the groin, buttock, and leg on the injured side. Other symptoms may include loss of range of motion, difficulty walking, and tenderness to the touch. The pain is generally felt on one side of the body but can occur on both sides. It can be painful to sit, sleep on that side, or walk. 

What is the best back brace for SI joint pain?

The best back brace for SI Joint pain will address the pain with targeted compression and spine stabilization. BioSkin utilizes a dual-pulley system to provide vectored and targeted compression to the spine and specific SI joint that is causing pain.

SI Joint Pain