Knee Hyperextension Causes and Solutions

What is knee hyperextension?

Knee hyperextension occurs when the joint is forced out of its normal range of motion. A mild hyperextension will lead to some pain and swelling. A more severe hyperextension can affect one or more of the four major ligaments of the knee, the ACLPCLMCL, or LCL

What causes knee hyperextension?

Hyperextension occurs after a direct force to the knee while the leg is straightened. This injury can occur to anyone but is most commonly seen in athletes who participate in contact sports. Hyperextension can also be caused by a bad fall or a car accident.

What are the symptoms of knee hyperextension?

If you hyperextend your knee, you will often feel like it was bent backwards, or in the wrong direction. Symptoms include pain, swelling and bruising, and it will be painful to bend or straighten your knee.

What is the best knee brace for knee hyperextension?

A mild to moderate sprain resulting from hyperextension can take 2-4 weeks to heal. During this time, the right knee brace can provide swelling control and hinges for joint stability. BioSkin Knee braces are designed to address the pain and swelling as well as restore stability to the joint while the ligaments and tendons heal.

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