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Can an ankle brace help with Achilles tendonitis?

The correct ankle brace will definitely help with the pain and swelling associated with Achilles tendonitis and also allow you to regain mobility while your tendon heals. The TriLok Ankle Brace is a great choice for dealing with Achilles tendonitis. Let’s quickly examine the causes of Achilles tendonitis, and then we’ll explain how the TriLok helps.

What is the Achilles tendon?

The Achilles is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. It connects the calf to the heel bone and can withstand a great amount of stress. The Achilles tendon lifts the heel off the ground when the calf muscles flex during walking.

What causes Achilles tendonitis?

Despite its strength, it is still susceptible to overuse and degenerative injuries. Achilles tendonitis most commonly causes pain at the heel of the foot due to inflammation of the tendon. If left untreated, the injury can develop into Achilles tendinosis or the degeneration and micro-tearing of the tendon. Achilles injuries are most commonly caused by repetitive overuse or a sudden, direct force.

How will an ankle brace help treat Achilles tendonitis?

An ankle brace can help treat the swelling and joint instability caused by the Achilles tendon injury. Medical-grade compression decreases inflammation and enhances the recovery process. The TriLok Ankle Brace utilizes a FootLok strap to support the arch and promote proper alignment throughout the ankle joint, which helps relieve excess pressure on the Achilles tendon, allowing it to heal.

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Achilles Tendonitis