A Closer Look at the Fabric in our Ear Loop Mask

The fabric used in our ear loop masks is a sueded polyester-lycra blend, so it has some stretch to it and is soft against the skin. While we only use one layer of fabric to construct the mask, the fabric itself is layered in its knit structure. The Lycra that gives it the stretch is knit into the inside of two outer layers of polyester. The youth version of this mask also has an inner layer made of 95 percent cotton with room for a filter.

Watch this video to learn more.

All of our fabrics have been tested for filtration efficiency. Click here to learn more.

The BioSkin ear loop mask includes a moldable nosepiece. The nosepiece can be gently shaped to fit tightly across the bridge of your nose for increased protection and to prevent glasses from fogging up. 

The mask is held onto your face with soft, elastic loops that wrap around your ears. There are over 30 prints to choose from. Browse the options here.