Thigh Contusion and Bruise Symptoms and Treatment

What is a thigh contusion?

A “contusion” is the medical terminology for bruising, which can occur anywhere on the body, especially during contact sports or a bad fall. The quadriceps muscle group along the front of the thigh is a combination of four muscles that come together to extend the knee. This large muscle group on the front of the leg is easy to bruise during a fall or activity.

What are the symptoms of a contusion or muscle bruise?

After a hard hit, the muscle group will become tender and painful to use. Discoloration or bruising can arise a few days after the direct force as injured blood vessels leak into the surrounding areas.

What is the best way to recover from a thigh contusion or muscle bruise?

The best way to treat contusions is with compression. Compression on the bruised areas provides pain relief,  promotes blood flow to the area, and speeds recovery. We have several great products for treating injured thigh muscles, including our Thigh Compression SleeveThigh Compression Sleeve with Strap, and Ultima Compression Shorts.


Thigh Contustion or Bruise