Post-op Ankle Pain and Swelling Treatment

What can I expect after foot or ankle surgery?

As with any type of trauma to the foot or ankle, pain, swelling, and instability can be expected. This is the first step in the body’s natural healing process. Most clinics will suggest the R.I.C.E. rehabilitation plan: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. We also recommend using compression ankle braces like the ones shown below to reduce pain and speed recovery.

How will an ankle brace help speed recovery after surgery?

Controlling the post-surgery swelling will help speed recovery and alleviate pain. BioSkin foot and ankle braces are designed to do just that, using medical-grade compression and unique, supportive straps to reduce edema and provide stability to the joint.

If your foot is experiencing severe swelling, we recommend a wraparound compression ankle brace as this type of brace is easy to adjust as the swelling goes down. A pull-on ankle brace also provides pain relief, control for mild swelling, and ankle support. Both types of braces are extremely comfortable and effective. 

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